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Difference Between MLB and MiLB Baseballs

Trile-A baseball (in the minor league) and Major League Baseball both use baseballs with ROMLB specifications.

All MLB games use ROMLB branded baseballs. All MiLB AAA games use MiLB branded baseballs

Double-A and below teams use a slightly de-tuned MiLB baseballs.

Major League Baseballs (MLB)

Rawlings is indeed the exclusive supplier of baseballs to MLB, providing balls that meet the high standards and specifications required for professional play.

The model offered by Rawlings for MLB games is the Rawlings Official Major League Baseball (ROMLB) with tighter tolerance specs than other baseballs.

An ROMLB baseball weighs between 5 and 5+1⁄4 ounces (142 and 149 g) and has a circumference of 9 to 9+1⁄4 inches (229–235 mm) which translates into diameter of approximately 2+7⁄8–3 inches (73–76 mm).

These baseballs feature 108 double stitches, or 216 individual stitches, using red thread. The core of the baseball has seen various materials over the years, but today’s MLB baseballs typically feature a cushioned cork center. This core is wrapped in yarn and covered by leather, which has shifted from horsehide to cowhide since 1974 due to material shortages.

Minor League Baseballs (Triple-A)

Triple-A minor league baseball teams have started using the same type of baseballs as those in the Major Leagues in 2019. Previously, minor league balls had higher seams and lower COR compared to MLB balls but now, Triple-A teams in both the International League and Pacific Coast League are playing with balls that are just like those used in the big leagues.

This change came when Rawlings moved the production of Triple-A balls to the same spot in Costa Rica where MLB balls are made. This move aims to smooth the transition for players moving up to the majors, especially pitchers who need to get used to the feel of the MLB ball.

And guess what? The hitters are loving it. The offensive stats are up with jump in home runs per plate appearance compared to previous years.

Minor League Baseballs (Double-A and below)

Double-A league (specifically Southern League) did test with pre-tact baseballs like those used in Japan. Currently, Double-A teams went back to using the regular baseballs.

Like a KFC recipe, MiLB baseballs have their own secret sauce blend of de-tuned cushioned cork and winding, making them less bouncy compared to the ROLMB baseballs.


In the world of professional baseball, the debate over the “juiced” MLB balls versus the more subdued MiLB baseballs have sparked discussions and controversies about the purity of the game and the true challenge of pitching.

As fans, players, and purists continue to debate this topic, it’s clear that the choice of ball significantly affects the game’s statistics.

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