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Repairing a Rip on McGregor Catcher’s Equipment Wheeled bag

First of all, I love this McGregor Team Roller Equipment bag (link).

This thing is absolutely humongous so it has no problem swallowing up my son’s 14-16 year old catcher’s equipment, along with bunch of my coaching stuff.

The only drawback with this bag is the small “skateboard” wheels. Because these wheels are small in diameter, the bottom part of the bag tends to scuff against the ground quite often.

Rather than throwing it out, I decided to try and repair it myself using some fabric tape and the result has been pretty good thus far.

Required Materials

Because the hole I have is fairly large, I decided to apply a piece of black duct tape from the inside so that gear Aid’s fabric tape could bond to something over this hole.

Why not just use the duct tape? I found that the fabric repair tape matched the look of the bag and also handled scuffing better.

Required Tools

  • Damp rag
  • Scissors

Repair Steps

  • Step #1 – Trim off all loose threads or fabrics around the damaged area using scissors
  • Step #2 – Remove all loose dirt and grime from the area using a damp rag; let the area dry
  • Step #3 – Cut a piece of duct tape and apply it from the inside of the bag (i.e. adhesive will be exposed in the damaged area from the outside)
  • Step #4 – Cut the fabric repair tape to size and carefully apply over the damaged area, making sure to firms rub against the exposed duct tape
  • Step #5 – Let is sit out in the sun for 30 minutes to cure

Gear-Aid Fabric tape comes in multiple colors so you can easily match it to your bag.

It feels good to have my bag back without that gaping hole!