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Best Inexpensive Pitching Machine for Fielding Drills

Let me first start by saying that if your fungo (what is it?) skill is excellent and you are under the age of 50, you do not need to read this post 😉

But if your batting skills are average and your joints get stiff after a workout, buying a used pitching machine for conducting fielding drills will give you maximum use of your limited time.

But that doesn’t mean you should go out and buy an expensive 3 wheeled pitching machines (like this one I bought last year – link TBD).

Instead, something like this ATEC Rookie machine (the original ATEC Rookie machine dates all the way back to early 2000’s) is more than sufficient for both infield and outfield drills.

The average cost of one of these used machine is anywhere from $500-800, depending on the age of the unit so it can still be pricey.

The best way to get one of these unit is to consistently check your local Craigslist listings.

I kept my eye for over a year and I was finally able to snag one for $200 (the seller wanted $300 which included a soft-toss machine but I opted just for the pitching machine).

As you can see from the picture, this unit has decent wear and tear with the usual rust spots but the friction discs were in fairly good condition and they spun up quickly without too much whine.

What you don’t want to see are any glossy stains and gouges on these discs (see below) as they are very expensive to replace.

Here are some infield and outfield drills you can use (obviously adapt them to your age level):

Thanks for reading this article!