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Baseball Events by Month

  • Baseball seasons are structured around a variety of events, from the initial spring training in February, through regular season play, mid-year All-Star Game, to the climactic World Series in October, with offseason activities filling the remainder of the year
  • Key events like player drafts, trade deadlines, award announcements, and special commemorative days also punctuate the baseball calendar, making it a year-round sport with distinct monthly happenings.
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12 months of Baseball

Every year, my life goes into baseball mode starting in February. That’s when I pack my bags, leave the cold winter behind, and head to sunny Florida to watch Spring Training ga,es.

I’m there in the stands, hot coffee in hand, as the players come running out on the field, kicking off a fresh season.

From that moment on, as a diehard baseball fan, my year is a whirlwind trip through every corner of the baseball universe, from the minor leagues to the majors, from draft days to trade deadlines, all the way to the thrilling rush of the World Series. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, let’s take a trip together and discover what a baseball year truly entails, month by month. Buckle up, because just like a good baseball game, there’s never a dull moment.

Keep in mind that exact dates can vary from year to year, and other events (like Winter Leagues or international competitions) may occur outside this schedule.


  • Arbitration filing: Players and teams exchange salary figures for the upcoming season
  • Hall of Fame voting results: The Baseball Writers’ Association of America announces Hall of Fame voting
  • Winter League Playoffs: Various winter leagues around the globe (e.g. in Latin America) wrap up their seasons
  • International Free Agent signings: Teams often sign international free agents in January
  • Preparations for Spring Training: Teams and players start preparing for the upcoming season


  • Spring Training begins: Pitchers and catchers typically report in mid-February, with position players following soon after
  • Full squad reports: The full team starts training
  • Caribbean Series: Annual tournament featuring champion teams from several Caribbean countries.
  • Exhibition games begin: Spring Training games kick off
  • Volunteer work: Many teams engage in community activities before the season starts.


  • Spring Training games: Preseason exhibition games allow teams to finalize their rosters and players to warm up for the regular season
  • World Baseball Classic (every four years): This international tournament often takes place in March, although the exact schedule varies
  • Final roster decisions: Teams finalize their regular season rosters
  • Break Camp: Teams wrap up Spring Training and prepare to head to their home cities
  • Opening Day (occasionally): Depending on the year’s schedule, the regular season might start in late March


  • Jackie Robinson Day: Every April 15th, Major League Baseball honors Jackie Robinson, the first African-American player in the modern era
  • Patriot’s Day Game: The Boston Red Sox always have a home game on this day, starting unusually early
  • Early season divisional rivalries: Important games happen between division rivals
  • Minor League Baseball season begins: The affiliated minor league season usually starts in early April.


  • MLB Draft Combine: Since 2021, the Major League Baseball holds a combine in May for draft-eligible players to showcase their skills
  • Continued regular season play: Teams continue their march through the 162-game regular season
  • Memorial Day Games: Teams often wear special uniforms or caps
  • Interleague play often starts: Teams play against teams from the other league
  • In-season trades begin: Teams start making moves to improve their rosters


  • MLB Draft: The annual amateur draft usually takes place in early June
  • College World Series: The culmination of the NCAA Division I baseball season usually takes place in mid-to-late June
  • Father’s Day Games: Teams often wear special uniforms or caps; youth baseball tournament/travel league games start
  • Interleague play continues
  • All-Star Game voting: Fans vote for the starters in the All-Star Game


  • All-Star Game: The Midsummer Classic usually held in mid-July
  • Home Run Derby: Part of the All-Star Game festivities (separate days)
  • MLB Trade Deadline: July 31st is the last day for teams to trade players without waivers
  • Trade rumors: Speculation intensifies as the trade deadline approaches
  • MLB Trade Deadline: July 31st is the last day for teams to trade players without waivers
  • Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: New members of the Hall of Fame are inducted


  • Babe Ruth World Series: The Babe Ruth World Series is an annual youth baseball tournament for players aged 13-18, organized by the Babe Ruth League
  • Players’ Weekend: For one weekend, players are allowed to wear nicknames on their jerseys and use custom equipment
  • Pennant races heat up: Teams fight for playoff positions
  • MLB Players Alumni Association “Heart and Hustle” award: Given to an active player who demonstrates a passion for baseball
  • Ongoing trades: Trades can still occur, but players must first pass through waivers


  • Regular season conclusion: The regular season typically wraps up at the end of September
  • Wild Card and Division Series: If needed, tie-breaking games and the first rounds of the playoffs can start in late September
  • Expanded rosters: Teams can call up additional players from the minors
  • Roberto Clemente Day: On September 15th, MLB honors Roberto Clemente, a humanitarian and Hall of Famer


  • Playoffs and World Series: The championship series for both the American and National Leagues, followed by the World Series, are typically held in October
  • Parade for World Series winner: The champion team celebrates with their city
  • Free agency discussion begins: Talk starts about where eligible players will sign
  • Gold Glove finalists announced: Players are recognized for their defensive skills


  • Free Agency begins: Shortly after the World Series, players eligible for free agency are able to sign with any team
  • Major awards announced: MVP, Cy Young, Rookie of the Year, and other awards are announced
  • General Manager meetings: GMs discuss various topics about the league
  • Qualifying offers: Teams extend qualifying offers to certain free agents
  • Thanksgiving charity events: Many players and teams participate in charitable events


  • Winter Meetings: Executives and agents gather, often sparking a flurry of trades and free agent signings
  • Rule 5 Draft: This allows teams to select certain players not protected on other teams’ 40-man rosters
  • Contract tender deadline: Teams decide which arbitration-eligible players they wish to keep
  • Holiday charity events: Many players and teams participate in charitable events
  • New Year’s preparations: Teams finalize plans for the coming year


From the crisp mornings of Spring Training in February to the final crack of the bat at the World Series in October, a year in baseball is an exhilarating ride.

Each month brings its own unique flavor and important events that shape the destiny of teams and players.

Whether it’s the anticipation of the Draft in June, the mid-summer festivities of the All-Star Game, the trade deadline dramas in July, or the award recognitions in November, there’s a lots of good stuff to follow if you are a diehard baseball fan.


What are the most important events in a baseball season?

The most important events include Spring Training, Opening Day, the MLB Draft, the All-Star Game, the Trade Deadline, regular season conclusion, the Playoffs, and the World Series.

When does Spring Training start and end?

Spring Training usually starts in mid-February and ends just before Opening Day, typically in late March or early April.

What is the MLB Draft and when does it occur?

The MLB Draft is an event where teams select players from high school, college, and other amateur baseball clubs. This usually happens in early June.

What and when is the All-Star Game?

The All-Star Game, usually held in mid-July, is a game featuring the top players from the American League and National League, as voted by fans and players.

When is the MLB trade deadline?

The MLB Trade Deadline is July 31. This is the last day teams can trade players without waivers.

When does the regular baseball season end?

The regular season typically concludes at the end of September.

What are the MLB playoffs?

The MLB playoffs are a series of elimination rounds that take place after the regular season, culminating in the World Series. The playoffs usually start in October.

What is the World Series?

The World Series is the championship series of Major League Baseball, held annually in October, between the pennant winners of the American and National Leagues.

When does free agency begin in MLB?

Free agency typically begins shortly after the conclusion of the World Series in early November.

What are some key offseason events in baseball?

Key offseason events include the Winter Meetings, Rule 5 Draft, contract tender deadline, and the announcement of major awards like the MVP, Cy Young, and Rookie of the Year.

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