10 Basic Skills Training for T-ballers

Instructions for T-Ball Clinics (practices)
The first few Tee-Ball “games” are run as a practice clinic. The practice is held at the field that you and your opponent are scheduled on. There will be two teams present with instructional stations set up as outlined below.
Note: Coaches are often anxious to play actual games during the first couple “games”, however, this is prohibited. Unlike the upper leagues, Tee-Ball sometimes does not schedule practices before the first week of the season. Therefore, the first few “games” is the only opportunity for Tee-Ball to practice.
Below is how and where the stations should be set up for the practice clinics.
Home Team – Station and Drill #1
Home Team begins on the field. Coaches should place players at the designated Tee-Ball positions. Set up the tee at home plate and let the batter hit the ball 5 times. On the 5th hit, have the player run it out (“Play it live”). The coach should demonstrate the correct way to run the bases. Coaches in the field should instruct the fielders where to throw the ball. Once a player crosses home plate, send that player to a particular position in the field and replace that batter with another fielder until everyone has had a chance to hit and run the bases. Please make sure that you teach the runners to run through first base. This drill should be run for 40 minutes.
Away Team – Station and Drill #2
The Away Team should split into two groups. Group “A” should practice hitting off the Tee. The other players should field the balls and throw them back to the coach to be placed on the tee. Each player should take approximately 10 hits and then switch to fielding the balls. Set this drill up in Left Field hitting towards Center Field. This drill should be run for 20 minutes.

Away Team – Station and Drill #3
The Away Team Group “B” should be split off. They will learn the basics of (a) catching and throwing, and (b) positioning for fielding of ground balls, by rolling the balls back and forth to each other. Set this drill up in Right Field. This drill should be run for 20 minutes.
2nd 40 Minutes of Practice Clinic
After the first 40 minutes of practice, the Away Team should take the field and run Drill #1. The Home Team should move to the outfield, split up into 2 groups (A & B) and run Drills #1 and #2.
Remember, Tee-Ball is an instructional league with children who are experiencing baseball for the first time. This program is primarily instructional and emphasizes baseball fundamentals, basic game rules, and teamwork. Let’s try to make it fun!

Keep it Simple and Make it Fun! – Skills should be taught all season long. Be creative, have contests, goals, etc.
1. Run straight to each base.
2. Touch each Base.
3. Run through first base. Don’t slide into first base.
Drill: Run through First Base. Run from First to Second. Run from Second to Home.
1. Good stance – wide stance and knees bent.
2. Glove and hand out in front.
3. Use both hands to catch the ball.
Drill: Have the players field gently rolled ground balls without a glove and throw back. Repeat with glove.
1. Good stance – Shoulder width and feet square to the plate.
2. Hands up by ear and stay balanced.
3. Push the hands back and small step straight towards the pitcher.
4. Keep the head steady and watch the ball as you swing.
Drill: Soft toss hitting practice with wiffle balls into the fence.

1. Eyes on target.
2. Get the ball back up high and behind the head.
3. Point your glove and step towards the target.
Drill: Soft toss back forth with one knee on the ground.
• None
1. Glove up for fly balls.
2. In front of the ball for grounders.
3. Throw to second base.
4. Do not hold or run with the ball.
Drill: Have a coach toss short fly balls (6 feet away) to catch. Throw to second. Repeat with grounders.

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