Age Calculator for Travel and Rec Teams


  • In recreation baseball, teams are usually formed based on school grades
  • In travel baseball, teams are usually formed based on birth dates



Most towns offer recreation youth baseball programs via rec department. Some towns may also offer town travel teams which competes at a higher level.

Your child’s “league age” depends on your town’s affiliation with one of the national youth baseball leagues but for the most part, your child will play with other kids in their current school grade.

In most population-dense areas, you will most likely find one or more travel baseball programs offered by a third-party companies like Sluggers, Extra Innings, Diamond Nation, etc. Some of these companies offer their own tournaments if there is enough interest. If not, they may join various tournaments in the surrounding area.

The age “cutoff date” for a travel team is usually end of April or May, depending on the team/tournament rules.

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As I said before, most rec baseball programs determine player’s eligibility based on their current school grade.

For example, in your child is entering the 8th grade in fall, they will play in a division with all other 8th graders for fall and spring seasons.

Usually kids who are older (due to starting school late) will also play in this same league, unless the parents specifically ask the league to move their child to an older division.

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Because travel teams play at a higher competitive level, teams are formed based on the player’s actual age with most competitive travel teams making April 30 as their age “cutoff date” (it used to be May 31 for Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken but they changed it for the 2023 season).

  • Babe Ruth / Cal Ripken – April 30
  • Little League – August 31
  • USSSA – April 30

Babe Ruth / Cal Ripken – 2023 Spring Season

To determine your child’s “league age”, match the birth month first on the left column, then follow the row until birth year.

Little League – 2023 Spring season

To determine your child’s “league age”, match the birth month first, then follow the column down until birth year. Then follow the row to the right to see your child’s league age.

League age can also be interpreted as xU (ex. 13 = 13u)

USSSA – 2023 Spring Season

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The initial task of factoring in current and future dates to determine your child’s league age can be quite confusing.

While you study the above birth charts, I want you to keep couple of things in mind:

  • Choosing your child’s initial enrollment into a given division is important
  • At this young age, a 6 month difference between birthdays tend to give a large advantage to older kids
  • If your child’s birthday happens to fall on the cutoff month, you are usually given the option to either play as his peers (thus making him the youngest player on the team) or “play down” with a younger team (making her the oldest kid on the team). If you want to see if your child should play up or down, read my post (click here)

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